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Locksley & Choosing Colors for Colorwork

Andrea Sanchez

So I finally wound up my yarn and got swatching for my second Knittin' Little Summer KAL piece, Locksley. But then I realized, was anyone else having a difficult time choosing yarn colors for color work? I spent a lot of time thinking and rethinking before I settled on these and while I'm happy now, it definitely took some time. 

When Emily and I were bouncing ideas back and forth for the sample, I had a color story to work with. I normally use these for each collection, to give the collection a kind of mood and to make sure I am choosing colors within that mood when picking yarn. One of the fantastic things about Knit Picks (this piece uses Swish Worsted) is that when viewing their colors, you can open more than one for a closer look and compare them side by side. 

But what if you can't? Here are some tips I use when picking out more than two colors for colorwork projects.

Use a color wheel

Quick color theory lesson: the easiest way to pick 3 colors for color work is to choose 2 colors that are across (complimentary) from each other on the color wheel. Then, add a neutral. Boom. This is my favorite (and I think simplest) way to choose colors!

If you aren't looking to use neutrals, you can break the color wheel into thirds and choose a color from each third that is equidistance from the next (this is called triadic colors). So, using the color wheel above, the aqua, bright purple, and yellow are triadic colors. Maybe the Aqua as a MC, then the other two as CC? Boom again. 

What I like best about looking at a color wheel is being able to see how the colors will look when close together without having to have yarn in hand.

Arrange then rearrange

Ok, you've picked your three colors but aren't sure which you want to use as the main color. Spend some time arranging and rearranging the yarn to get an idea of which will work best. 

I initially thought I wanted to use the the green as the MC (because I have a lot of it) but once I spent some time setting the skeins together, I realized the dark grey and green would muddy together. When I swatched, I only used two colors because I didn't want to hassle with the third and guess what? The grey and green muddy when right next to each other.

So arrange those skeins, then set them out in an area of your home that is well traveled. Take a day or two to walk by, look at them, then decide if you like the combo or arrangement. 

Use a color story

Photo via  Design Seeds

Photo via Design Seeds

If you're still having a difficult time, or you feel that you can't trust your own eye to pick colors that look amazing together, try using a color story. Design Seeds is a great site to use for this. You can search by color or just scroll through their blog and be inspired!

From one palette you can easily find one color that will work great as a backdrop for two of the other colors. I would love to see that coral and slate against the ice blue. So pretty!


Are you knitting a Locksley? We'd love to see it! Come join the KAL in our Ravelry group or share your photos on Instagram (#knittinlittleKAL to be eligible for prizes!).

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Summer KAL Progress

Andrea Sanchez

I wrapped up a couple of big projects over the weekend so I finally picked my #KnittinLittleKAL project back up (Kid Chimera by Elizabeth Green Musselman). If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you've caught a few glimpses. I'm using Leading Men Fiber Arts in their Dramaturg base (100% superwash merino) in a color called Metamorphosis. And I am in love.

The yarn is perfect. Like so perfect it has me dreaming of knitting a sweater in a variegated color (which I would NEVER do, but maybe now). It's all greens and blues and purple. LOVE. 

What I did not love were the needles. Since I cast on on July 1st while I was in California, I had to pick up new size 6 needles. I purchased Hiya Hiya Sharps. I had not used these before but didn't think anything of it since my favorite needles are the Addi Rockets (also sharp). However, these seem much sharper to me. To the point that it almost hurt to knit. I am a thrower, so when I knit I use one finger to push my needle down. With each push I thought it was going to cut me! Maybe you like extra sharp needles but these were too sharp for me. And because of that, my project got started, then I let it sit around until I could finish this project and get my Addi Turbos back.

You can see that the Hiya Hiyas (on the right) and much sharper than the Addis, but I will say, they also weigh only about half of what the Addis do (5g compared to 9g Addis). So if weight is a factor in your needle choice, perhaps you would like these. 

Anyway, I'm almost ready to start the shaping on this project and then I'll be almost done! I better get my yarn wound for project #2! 

If you are participating in the KAL, be sure to set up your project page on Ravelry and post, post, post in the thread or on Instagram! Use #KnittinLittleKAL on Instagram, and the same tag on your Ravelry project. July participant winners will be chosen on August 1st.

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On the Needles: Christmas Sweater 2015

Andrea Sanchez

If you are a follower of my personal blog, you might be familiar with the story of the Christmas Sweater. Before D's first Christmas I purchased some lovely Cephalopod Yarns Traveller in the color Arkham that was intended to be something really special for D. I eventually decided to start a new tradition, a brand new knitted sweater for Christmas. FOREVER (as I told my husband).

Three years of Christmas Sweaters (clockwise from left):  Mustill ,  Little Fisher ,  Chuckery .

Three years of Christmas Sweaters (clockwise from left): Mustill, Little Fisher, Chuckery.

We are now going on D's 4th Christmas (how did that happen?). Today was our annual family photo session and the last couple of years I have liked to have the Christmas Sweater completed by this date in order to use in our holiday cards. Of course, I normally start the knitting prior to a week before this date. That's right. I started this sweater last weekend. 

Christmas sweater 2015

And this was as far as I've gotten. I still have another sleeve and the yoke (not to mention finishing and blocking) to complete. I was tempted to cancel photos today but honestly, you don't get many 65 degrees and sunny days in Ohio in November. So there will of course have to be an extra photo shoot when it's all complete.

For now, I'm just enjoying the knitting on this sweater. I'm using YOTH Yarns Big Sister in the color Cacao. I love the feel of this yarn and can't really complain about any extra knitting time. 

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Good Reads and WIPs

Andrea Sanchez

It's no secret that I love books. Before I began focusing my career on teaching young children, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in English, all because I just loved reading. But in the last few years since the little showed up, my reading time has been zapped. Lately I've been trying to squeeze in a little more quiet time in the evening for reading. Beside the fact that I just plain miss it, I want my child to grow up seeing his parents value the written word.

This week's good reads and WIPs 

For the mama - Reads//I've finally cracked into East of Edena book I've had on my shelf for ages. I'm not too far in, but it's proving worthwhile. WIPs//I'm working a new design using the Anzula yarn I shared with you a few weeks ago. I'm loving the linen/silk blend and it's surprisingly easy on my hands.

For the little - Reads//D started tee ball recently so A Baseball Story has been getting a lot of mileage the last couple weeks. The story is fairly simple, probably best for the toddler-kindergarten aged kiddo. It goes over some basic baseball themes (uniform, equipment, how to play) and reminds the kids that the always need to be ready! WIPs//(Queue the ominous music!) We've started using scissors (or snippers as D calls them). Obviously he is currently ONLY allowed to use them when I'm sitting with him (or another adult) and then they are put away. I kept thinking that I don't want my kiddo to be the kid that doesn't know how to use scissors the first day of kindergarten (that's a real thing people) so might as well start him early. We've already covered how to walk with them safely, and how to avoid our fingers when cutting. I generally cut paper into strips and then let him snip those. it's easier for him to work with and doesn't require me holding the paper still. 

What are you reading and working on this week?