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Holding Space KAL

Andrea Sanchez

Today's blog post is a special guest post from Jessica Anderson, mother, knitwear designer, and regular Knittin' Little design contributor. Check out her patterns from the Summer and Spring collections. 

Hello Knitters and friends of Littles,

I’m so thankful that Andrea has invited me to share about my latest Charity KAL on the Knittin’ Little blog. I’m very honored to be part of this Charity project and I hope that you will join me. I typically find myself drawn to whimsical and fun designs that spark joy and bring delight to people of all ages. However, in life, we aren’t always given smiles, rainbows and positive outcomes, which is a lesson that I’ve faced personally in my own life, as well as helping other families face that grief while studying to be a midwife.  During those times, I came across the organization, SHARE, support for pregnancy and infant loss.

Nearly 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in loss. To those families that experience that loss, it is devastating and not often talked about. Share’s mission is to serve those whose lives are touched by the tragic death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life. My Charity KAL pattern, ~Holding Space was created to give those who are affected by loss, or for those who wish to reach out to those who have been affected by loss. For the knitter working through their grief, I hope that it is a comfort and brings solace to you as you take space to grieve and heal. May the finished product be a reminder of all those connected to you and may you feel the that support when you pull this shawl over your shoulders. 

I have partnered with Lindsay of The Fiber Seed Yarn Company to bring you this Charity Project. Lindsay has created a custom colorway, Angel Kiss, which is available in her store at A percentage of the sell of this colorway will be donated to SHARE at the end of the KAL. I’m also donating 75% of the pattern sales of ~Holding Space to SHARE during the KAL. 

The SHARE KAL will run from October 15- November 19, 2016. 

Find more information about the KAL in my Ravelry Group, All in a Day’s Fun, by clicking into the SHARE KAL thread. Please feel free to post there with any questions, or encouragement. This is a cause near and dear to my heart, and I am here to listen, and ~hold space with you at any time, not just during the KAL. Please feel free to email me or send me a private message on Ravelry if you need to talk. I’m honored to have this opportunity for ~Holding Space with you. I have several generous prizes to offer during this KAL and hope that you will all join me in either knitting a piece for comfort for yourself, or a friend. 

With much love,


Finished Knittin': Kid Chimera & Locksley

Andrea Sanchez

My needles were blazing this weekend! Not only did I finish one Knittin' Little Summer KAL piece, I finished TWO! That's a lot (for me, at least. And those of us with very limited knitting time)!

The first piece is Kid Chimera by Elizabeth Green Musselman. 

I was in love with this the day her sample arrived last fall and I'm in love with it even more now. For our Fall 2015 launch collection I pretty much said, can you design something? and let the designers have at it. She came up with the fantastic idea of a cowl that can also be worn as a hat. 

The resulting fabric is super stretch and being knit in a DK makes it warm, but not too heavy.  I used all matching buttons that D picked out at the fabric store the other day (even though I wanted a cute little froggy for one. He vetoed the idea).  I think this will be a great addition to D's winter wardrobe!

Check out my Ravelry project page or buy the pattern.

My second finished piece is Locksley by Emily Ringelman from the Winter 2015 collection. 

Now, let me start by saying, I've knit A LOT of sweaters for my kids. And I've used some pretty cute patterns. But this is by far one of my favorites. Of. All. Time. Between the vintage/modern colorwork and the shawl collar it is my idea of perfect.

I went with the 2 years size. N is growing at a rate very similar to his big brother. I looked back at sweaters I knit for D the summer before he turned one and they were all a size 2. N is 5 months old now and about 20lbs so assuming he will be able to wear this when he's about 10 months (in December) I figured better safe than sorry. 

Also, because I only had one skein of the main color (and an extra 10g) I modified the sleeve length and yoke depth to the measurements of the size 18 months. Little kids need their sleeves kept out of their way anyway so I just shaved off a half inch or so. I also used 3 different DK weight yarns since I am using the KAL to stash bust. 

Check out my Ravelry project page to get all the various yarn info or buy the pattern.

There is still plenty of time to join the KAL! We have prizes for people participating in July, in August, and for people who finish projects! Check out the Ravelry group for more details.

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Summer KAL Progress

Andrea Sanchez

I wrapped up a couple of big projects over the weekend so I finally picked my #KnittinLittleKAL project back up (Kid Chimera by Elizabeth Green Musselman). If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you've caught a few glimpses. I'm using Leading Men Fiber Arts in their Dramaturg base (100% superwash merino) in a color called Metamorphosis. And I am in love.

The yarn is perfect. Like so perfect it has me dreaming of knitting a sweater in a variegated color (which I would NEVER do, but maybe now). It's all greens and blues and purple. LOVE. 

What I did not love were the needles. Since I cast on on July 1st while I was in California, I had to pick up new size 6 needles. I purchased Hiya Hiya Sharps. I had not used these before but didn't think anything of it since my favorite needles are the Addi Rockets (also sharp). However, these seem much sharper to me. To the point that it almost hurt to knit. I am a thrower, so when I knit I use one finger to push my needle down. With each push I thought it was going to cut me! Maybe you like extra sharp needles but these were too sharp for me. And because of that, my project got started, then I let it sit around until I could finish this project and get my Addi Turbos back.

You can see that the Hiya Hiyas (on the right) and much sharper than the Addis, but I will say, they also weigh only about half of what the Addis do (5g compared to 9g Addis). So if weight is a factor in your needle choice, perhaps you would like these. 

Anyway, I'm almost ready to start the shaping on this project and then I'll be almost done! I better get my yarn wound for project #2! 

If you are participating in the KAL, be sure to set up your project page on Ravelry and post, post, post in the thread or on Instagram! Use #KnittinLittleKAL on Instagram, and the same tag on your Ravelry project. July participant winners will be chosen on August 1st.

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