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New Pattern: Morning Chores

Andrea Sanchez

When I first read this month's Book Club pick, Feeding the Sheep, I knew it had to have a sweater to go with it. It warms my heart to no end that at the end of this story we find the mother has been processing all that wool to make a sweater for her daughter. I wanted a mostly simple sweater using a rustic but really special yarn. Morning Chores is it!

Morning Chores is a basic, bottom-up pullover. It is knit entirely in the round with the sleeves first, then body, then joining everything at the yoke. I love this method because once you get to the yoke you are done almost right away! It feels so gratifying to me.

What makes Morning Chores so special is the pop of color and texture in the yoke. This is accomplished by the garter stitch shoulders and two-color brioche on the front and back. Add in a couple of short rows at the collar and there you go!

The yarn for this project is one of my favorite farm-friendly DK yarns, Jill Draper Makes Stuff Rockwell. Rockwell is a great Cormo/Merino cross grown on domestic sheep in nearby New England. I love how lofty and full the yarn is (which is why I can knit it at a larger gauge than most DKs with no problem) and it has an amazing sheepy texture; not too rustic, with just the right amount of lanolin feel. It is not superwash, but D has gotten toothpaste on another sweater made from Rockwell before and it stood up well to a bit of scrubbing. 

I hope that you love this sweater as much as I do. It made me think of a morning outside, taking care of daily chores. Basic and comfortable with a pinch of awesome. I also know some children are opposed to a bit of a rustic yarn (trust me, I get the "it's too itchy" comment too) so I knit a second sample using a smoother, superwash wool. I'll share that in a couple days, but you'll see that it turned out just as awesome!

Morning Chores is available for purchase from my Ravelry store!

On the Needles: Christmas Sweater 2015

Andrea Sanchez

If you are a follower of my personal blog, you might be familiar with the story of the Christmas Sweater. Before D's first Christmas I purchased some lovely Cephalopod Yarns Traveller in the color Arkham that was intended to be something really special for D. I eventually decided to start a new tradition, a brand new knitted sweater for Christmas. FOREVER (as I told my husband).

Three years of Christmas Sweaters (clockwise from left):  Mustill ,  Little Fisher ,  Chuckery .

Three years of Christmas Sweaters (clockwise from left): Mustill, Little Fisher, Chuckery.

We are now going on D's 4th Christmas (how did that happen?). Today was our annual family photo session and the last couple of years I have liked to have the Christmas Sweater completed by this date in order to use in our holiday cards. Of course, I normally start the knitting prior to a week before this date. That's right. I started this sweater last weekend. 

Christmas sweater 2015

And this was as far as I've gotten. I still have another sleeve and the yoke (not to mention finishing and blocking) to complete. I was tempted to cancel photos today but honestly, you don't get many 65 degrees and sunny days in Ohio in November. So there will of course have to be an extra photo shoot when it's all complete.

For now, I'm just enjoying the knitting on this sweater. I'm using YOTH Yarns Big Sister in the color Cacao. I love the feel of this yarn and can't really complain about any extra knitting time. 

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