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Finished Knittin': Merriment Cardigan

Andrea Sanchez

So the end of the year was full of binding off. I managed to finish 4 sweaters from Thanksgiving to just after Christmas! Granted, they were all children's sweaters, and two were baby sized, but still. It feels pretty knit-star status to say four. Anyway.

One of those four cuties was the Merriment Cardigan by Melynda Bernardi of French Press Knits. I had been wanting to knit this sweater since she released it last winter and had even purchased the pattern but ran out of time before the holiday last year. I knit the size 3/4 for my niece who will be 4 next month.

I decided to go with the Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherds Wool Worsted because I had some leftover in my stash already from the Railway Sweaters from my book so all I needed to buy was the white. I also decided on this yarn because this is a steeked project. If you've never steeked your knitting before, basically you're knitting a pullover, then cut it open to be a cardigan. Boom. When you're steeking it's helpful to use a wool that will stick to itself a bit more so many opt for non-superwash wools. 

The knitting on this zipped by and I probably had the whole thing done in a week and a half. But I cast off right at the time I was getting ready to head to California for the holiday and ran out of time to do the ribbon and buttons. The ribbon is stitched down over the steeked edge to give it a more finished look and to keep anything from snagging. With a steeked edge you're also supposed to reinforce the steek by sewing two lined down on either side of where the cut will be (see more about steeking here) which I decided to just live dangerously and not do. 

I had one close call where when I was blocking this, I realized that the water I just dropped the sweater in was HOT. Like steaming hot. I was super afraid to touch it and potentially felt the whole project but it was all well in the end. If there was any felting perhaps it helped the steeking stick together better as well! 

Overall I think this pattern was thorough and easy to follow and I'm thrilled with how this sweater turned out! If you've never steeked before (stought? feels like it should be an irregular verb) then I think this pattern could be great for your first. And hey, did you know there's a matching bonnet?!

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