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Sensory Summer: Dried Beans

Andrea Sanchez

You can read more about why a permanent sensory tub in your is important in this post. 

We added some new material to the sensory tub this week: dried beans!

This may have been the best and easiest sensory tub of the summer. While I love interesting sensory materials, I want something that will be easy to maintain and easy to clean up. For a few minutes I thought about potting soil, but the clean up scares me (this is our indoor sensory tub, remember?). So during a trip to pick up some groceries I found a 10lb bag of dried beans for about $3. 

When we got home we cleared out the old material and poured in our beans. Because D is ever my little cook and kitchen helper, in went some measuring cups, spoons, spatulas and more. At one point there were some tongs, a rolling pin, and a funnel. Because this is just dried beans I am absolutely ok with him adding new kitchen tools (that are kid friendly, of course). Can I just rave about how entertaining new sensory material is when it's added? We got about 20 minutes of uninterrupted play while I made lunch and cleaned the kitchen. I'd call that a success. 

Have you added a permanent sensory tub to your home? I'd love to hear how you use sensory play with your own kiddos in the comments below.

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