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Blueberries for Daniel

Andrea Sanchez

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that we went on a little blueberry picking adventure recently.

Even though we try to do everything timed just right so we can be home (or at least back in the car headed home) at noon for lunch and nap, the morning was insanely hot. I was carrying the baby in my most favorite baby wrap ever and trying to keep up with D while he expertly picked the ripest berries. I was really impressed but I think it's because he's such a blueberry lover he was able to quickly and easily spot the ripest berries even though many of the bushes had been picked over.

Not everyone loved the experience. 

Not everyone loved the experience. 

And you know me, always thinking how can we extend this experience? And immediately the most perfect blueberry picking book of all time popped into my head: Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey (affiliate link).

Of course I own this book, it's a classic! Despite the fact that Sal is a little girl and even as a child I couldn't get over the fact that she was named after my great grandfather and a male cousin (or maybe it's short for Sally? Who knows?), or that it's a wee bit long for a children's book, it's one of those books that every child should hear and quite possibly add to their library. My copy was at school (and no way was I driving 45 minutes to get it, let alone go into a school building in mid-July) and since it's just a flimsy Scholastic paperback that I got for $2 I figured now was a great time to get a sturdier copy and add it to our home library. 

I wanted to pick it up the same day so I called 3 book stores. Funny thing was, the first two I called made me repeat the authors name twice as well as the title ("Blueberries for Sale? By who? Can you spell that?"). I was feeling a little incredulous. It's a classic. When I called the third book store (which is actually a children's specialty bookstore) the woman immediately said, "I may have one copy left, let me check." I should have called them first.

After our much needed nap, D and I sat together sharing the story and the fruits of our labor. In the story, Sal and her mother can the blueberries at the end so I thought a cooking activity would go great. The tiny half quart we brought home did not long last and luckily I had 2 quarts in the fridge already. We went ahead and used those for a fruit salad to go with dinner.

But would you believe that same evening I cam upon the What's Cooking With Kids blog? She also hosts Kids Cook with Books, a monthly book club that features a children's book and recipe to use with your kiddo! A woman after my own heart! And her June pick was Blueberries for Sal! Kismet, I tell you. 

So if you're looking for a sweet summer read, check this book out. And if you're looking for some wonderful and super easy cooking activities to do with your kids, try What's Cooking With Kids too!

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