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Sophie's Masterpiece: Book Club Week 3

Andrea Sanchez

I hope by now you've had a chance to read our June Book Club pick, Sophie's Masterpiece. If not, head over to this post to read a review and find out about this book's companion patterns!

I love art projects. Really, who doesn't? But what I like even better are easy art projects. I'm lucky because I tend to have access to a lot of craft supplies that most might not readily have in their homes (liquid starch, check!) - those are the perks of being a kindergarten teacher I suppose. Even as that is, I like being able to say, Hey! let's marble paint! After D wakes up from nap. And so we have it, marble painting. 

What You'll Need

  • marbles
  • craft paint (we like this)
  • spoon
  • cups or small bowls
  • box lid or tray
  • paper


I started by letting D choose a couple paint colors and counting out 6 marbles (2 per color). He probably would have chosen 100 had I let him. 

After pouring the paint out into the cups/bowls, we put our marbles in. I used the spoon to stir them around a tad.

I trimmed our craft paper to fit just inside my box lid so there's not a lot of empty space.

I let D pick the color that he wanted to start with and gave him two at a time to get rolling. I kind of pointed out that in order to roll them you'll need to move the box and he picked up on it right away. 

Then paint away!

In the End

While we were working we talked about how in Sophie's book, she made masterpieces with her web but we were using paint and how the lines might look like a spider's silk threads. D has already decided we are making another tomorrow using black. 

If you don't have marbles, other washable balls will do but they need to have a little weight to help them roll through the paint. I have a whole box of marbles I collected as a kid and of course couldn't find them so ran out to the store and picked up a bag in the toy section for a couple dollars. 

I love how easy this is to get going and clean up. It also supports building hand-eye coordination, can easily be self-managed by older kiddos, and is an open ended project. These are the best. One of the things I really miss about teaching preschool is the opportunity to do open-ended art projects on almost a daily basis. The children were creating, exploring with textures and materials, and had all the time in the world to do it. 

If you are following along with our bookclub, please share photos on Instagram and tag them #klbookclub. We'd love to see what you're doing with this book!

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Use code ANDREA20 to get 20% off any capsule wardrobe. Free shipping on orders over $50.