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Sophie's Masterpiece: Book Club Week 2

Andrea Sanchez

I hope by now you have had a chance to read Sophie's Masterpiece. You can purchase the book on Amazon, find it at your library, or watch it being read on Storyline Online.

I have now read this a couple of times with D which has led to us not being able to shoo a spider out of our house because of the possibility that it might be spinning a blanket for the baby! Ha! D has been really taken with the idea of spider webs and how they use them to catch their food (I'm seeing some non-fiction books in our future).

Make your own spider web

For this week's activity, I decided to create a simple fine motor activity out of stuff most people have in their house. You will need:

  • A paper plate (if you don't have a paper plate, just a round piece of cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

1. Notch the plate

I quickly put notches to help "catch" the yarn every inch and a half or so. I made my cuts more a v-shaped notch since I have a younger kiddo, but for kids that are a bit older, you could probably get away with just the cut. 

2. Attach the yarn

I used my scissors to poke a small hole and tied a length of yarn onto the plate. My yarn was probably about 36" in length. You want it long enough to be able to wrap several times, but keep in mind the longer the yarn is, the easier it is to get tangled while little hands wrap. 

3. Wrap away

D is 3 and has ok fine motor skills. He had a little bit of a difficult time getting this started so I sat behind him and held his hands in mine while we wrapped a couple go-arounds so he could see how it felt and build some confidence. After that he was fine. He spent some time wrapping and unwrapping the plate then ultimately used it to catch his own prey: sea animal figurines! I would have loved to include some flies or spiders but those are hard to come by in the middle of May. Maybe around Halloween...

Like I said, super fast and easy! I put this together right before I started dinner and it bought me a half an hour to make a meal. So well worth it I'd say! And fine motor development is so important for kiddos. This activity is supporting pre-writing muscle development, will help them when it comes to developing the skills to tie shoes, zip zippers, use scissors, and so many more tiny tasks that we forget we had to actually learn! 

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