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Boy's Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Andrea Sanchez

I've finally found it, the perfect kid's capsule wardrobe!

I don't know about you but since baby came along I feel like I am DROWNING in laundry. To make matters worse, my child continues to grow (how dare he?!) which means as the summer begins I am having to think about adding new pieces for him. But it's ok, because I've found Wildly Co. and they've done all the thinking for me.

The kid's capsule wardrobes from Wildly Co. are either collections of 6 or 10 pieces for boys or girls that can be mixed and matched any which way. The pieces are colorful but are still standard enough that they will go with anything your child already has. 

Let me tell you why I love Wildly Co. They are a small family business and I can relate to working hard to keep the lights on, so to speak. They support sustainable fashion. They are fair labor, fair trade, and all about creating and sustaining jobs. I love that the founder, Hayley Morgan, said she doesn't want children making her children's clothes. As a knitter, I am all about slow fashion. However, I don't sew but I want to still dress my kids in clothes that respect the environment and the fashion industry. That's why Wildly Co

I also love that these collections help build independence. I can wash and put the clothes in the drawers and just say, go get a shorts and shirt and I know it will turn out ok! ha! There are no tags in the shirts, so they are great for kiddos that have sensory issues. Also, when I've purchased from Wildly Co. they have always been very responsive to customer service inquiries or shipping issues. Something I can really appreciate! 

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm looking to add summer clothes for D so I've settled on the smaller capsule (6 pieces). Here's is my genius idea! I'm ordering it now, having them ship to my parent's house so all I have to pack for D is underwear when we fly to visit them next month!

From now through June 30th you can order your own capsule wardrobe and get 20% off! Obviously the larger capsule will get more $ off, but it's still a great deal on either. And all over $50 ship for free so this is quite the bargain. Use code ANDREA20 when you check out to get your deal. I'd love to hear if you purchase from Wildly Co. and how you feel about the clothes.