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Shoelaces for a Cause

Andrea Sanchez

Jessica Anderson likes to design fun and quirky knitting patterns that are easy to finish. She enjoys being home with her 5 children and her supportive husband, and coffee. Lots of coffee. To find out more about her work and many adventures- in knitting and homeschooling, you can find her at:, and on Ravelry as MonkeyButtBabies.

One of my favorite finds from the San Diego TNNA show this past January are the C.A.K.S Designer shoelaces from Keinik.  These bright shoelaces caught my eye and I enjoyed chatting with Dena Lenham, the Creative Director at Kreinik about them. I think these shoelaces can be used for so many fun and exciting projects, not just for shoe laces.

    One of the main things that I love about them, is that they are designed with the purpose of bringing cheerful color to your day. I am definitely a fan of color and find that the brighter the color, the more cheerful those around me tend to be. These shoe laces were created in honor of Doug and Myla Kreinik’s son Charles. Charles passed away in 2015. He was a fan of unique socks and colorful shoelaces. After he lost his battle with depression, the Kreinik’s created C.A.K.S. laces to remember his generous character and his love of color. A portion of the proceeds from C.A.K.S laces benefits a fund designed for suicide prevention, addiction counseling and grief support programs. I think these are laces we can all get behind and support.

    I’ve noticed, with my own kids at least, that tying shoes seems to be an art form that is missing. Most of the toddler and preschool shoes I’ve come across either velcro, snap, or don’t have a closure at all. I was trying to explain to my preschooler how to tie shoes, and attempting to demonstrate on my own pair of sneakers. She was not that interested and did not seem to care. However, all that changed when I got a pair of the bright pink C.A.K.S laces from Kreinik! I thought that I’d be cool with my own bright pink laces but she claimed them for herself.

    These laces work well for more than just shoes. Since I was still trying to get her to understand the concept of “how to tie” the laces, I thought it would be a great chance to put together a fun little craft for her to try. I happened to find a pack of felt flowers with small holes in them when running errands, however, if you don’t come across something similar in your shopping, or if flowers aren’t your thing, you could simply buy a piece of felt in your favorite colors (or for a more sturdy structure, you could substitute cardboard), cut into your desired shape and using a hole punch, punch holes appropriately spaced. Then, take a pair of the C.A.K.S. laces and lace them through the holes, leaving plenty of lace left over to tie a bow. After several repeats of the steps necessary to make a bow, my little one was able to follow along herself.

     Once you have mastered “tying”, the laces make excellent string for learning how to make stitches. You can use the same felt pieces or cardboard in cutout shapes, with nicely spread hole punches, and then thread the lace through the holes. I found the C.A.K.S laces to be much sturdier and easier for little ones to grasp than the laces that typically are available in packaged lacing cards. I hope that you take the time to read about the Kreinik story in creating these laces, and buy some for you and your little ones. These are quality laces and I think that they are great for things beyond just shoes!

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