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What to Expect - Newborn photo session

Andrea Sanchez

A little over a week ago I did N's first photo shoot. I don't think newborn photo shoots are anything new. My mother has some really unflattering pictures of my brother and I, taken a day or two after we were born (and I think still in the hospital). These days, the newborn shoot has been stepped up a bit. Some have props and multiple backdrops. New mothers are excited to have a professional photograph their precious bundle and have these gorgeous keepsakes. But do you know what to expect when you get the photography studio?

It takes time

Plan on being at the photography studio for hours. Yes, hours. Those precious pictures take time and sometimes baby isn't cooperating so you are forced to wait them out. That will be the moment they decide not to eat/sleep and all of a sudden be super wakeful. Plan for an extended time by brining water, snacks, and multiple diapers for little one. 

Don't feed them ahead of time

In order for them to be poseable, you need baby to pass out. Like, drunk on milk pass out. So don't feed them before you leave the house then wonder why they are screaming when you are trying to get the first shot. It's better to have them hungry when you arrive and then feed them at the studio. If your photographer is a pro, they will be set up to go as soon as little one is asleep. With N, I stripped him down to a diaper and nursed him that way as soon as he was done we could set him on a blanket and start shooting.

Babies will poop

Like everywhere. Everyone's baby does. Try not to feel too bad. D pooped all over a really pretty white sheepskin rug during his newborn session. Luckily, it came out. N pooped on every single blanket we used. It happens. 

Plan ideas ahead of time

I always find that the day of stresses me out. I'm over the whole thing within a half an hour so that's not my time to try to convey ideas or props I want to use. Share your ideas with your photographer ahead of time so that they can prepare backdrops that are appropriate and so you don't find yourself forgetting something when you're in the moment. 

I will admit that while the actual shoot is not one of my favorite things, I love having the photos of my babies to look back on. They are so precious and that newborn time is so brief that those pictures are like gold. While I'm always exhausted after doing the shoot, I'm never sorry we did. 

Thank you to Marianne from Black Box Photography for the gorgeous photos. Love you!

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