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Andrea Sanchez

As most of you know, I'm expecting any day now. Monday was my due date and unlike with D, I was trying to be a little more proactive and actually pack a bag this time. I threw all the essentials in already (clothes for me, nursing bra, clothes for little one, etc) and then came to maybe the most important decision (kidding! kinda...) what knitting projects to bring.

I initially had two: The sample of the adult version of Winter Cocoa, and a baby hat. But yesterday, as I sat around just waiting, I needed something easy and mindless to work on so I pulled out the baby hat and got to work. It was done in under a couple hours which is great and also not so great as now I'm down to only one project. But it's probably better baby have the hat ready to go when he comes but still...

Made from my leftover  Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock . 

Made from my leftover Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock

Have you packed knitting for the hospital (either when having your children or for another reason)? I'd love to hear what you brought! 

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