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Always There

Andrea Sanchez

Today's post is brought to you by guest blogger Jessica Anderson. Jessica Anderson likes to design fun and quirky knitting patterns that are easy to finish. She enjoys being home with her 5 children and her supportive husband, and coffee. Lots of coffee. To find out more about her work and many adventures in knitting and homeschooling, you can find her at:, and on Ravelry as MonkeyButtBabies. 

As I write today, I’m currently snuggled in bed, all snug next to my smallest little one, who is teething and miserable with a runny nose, low-grade fever and over-all just in need of mommy. Somedays, this happens. Everything else just gets put on hold, the laundry piles up, and the “me-time” becomes snuggle in bed time. Of course, there’s knitting magazines, a tablet, and some yarn near-by, as well as my water, some snacks and the remote (I’m no novice, I’m in for the long haul!), but for now, my focus is on my little guy and helping him feel better. While he snoozes, my mind wanders and I know that there is nothing more important that I need to do today than to just be there for him- whether by simply snuggling in bed with him, holding him while he sleeps or nursing him when he wakes up hungry and tearful. I’m there for him, and when I need it, my knitting is there for me. 

The yarn and needles just sit there, content to wait their turn, to offer a silent nod of comfort and solace. They are never demanding or impatient. They just wait for me and when I’m ready, they are there like a familiar and comforting sweater, just begging to be worn while providing warmth, comfort and security all in the same breath. That’s knitting for you. 

When you have little ones, the days can be long, but the years are so incredibly short. Sometimes, you might feel like it’s a waste to spend a day in bed, reading that silly rhyme book for the umpteenth time, or you might have just had your fill of dog-themed movies by lunchtime, but rest assured, one day, (not any time soon, I promise!), this is will be a fleeting memory. And when that day comes, the yarn and needles will be there as well. Don’t buy into the hype either- you don’t have to be supermom, somedays, you are just mom, and that’s ok. If you aren’t resting, eating, taking care of yourself, you can’t nurse, comfort and take care of others, no matter what the commercials try to tell you. 

Practicing self-care can be oh so very difficult, especially when there is so much to do. And so little time to get it all done. Knitting is always there, never demanding, never begging and always offering comfort, rest and quiet. As the days go rushing by, why not take a little time to make memories, to piece together fabrics that will not only bring you joy and pride in their creation, but will bring laughter, smiles and memories from your kids? And when all is said and done, eventually they will wrap you in that comforting blanket or sweater, holding you when you are sick, bringing you comfort when you are lonely and being there when you just need a minute to remember that you are loved and cherished. The knitting, it will always be there, it will always wait for you and will always offer you a gift you didn’t know you wanted but appreciate oh so very much. Every stitch is a kiss of love and if cared for properly, will stand the test of time, holding memories more dear than the most clear photograph. One stitch, one day, one piece at a time, that’s how anything gets done, even sick days!

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