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Penguin in Love

Andrea Sanchez

Jessica Anderson likes to design fun and quirky knitting patterns that are easy to finish. She enjoys being home with her 5 children and her supportive husband, and coffee. Lots of coffee. To find out more about her work and many adventures in knitting and homeschooling, you can find her at:, and on Ravelry as MonkeyButtBabies. 

I have a weakness when it comes to children's books, particularly when it comes to requests from my children to buy them yet another story to read together. However, I am so glad that my little one's love of penguins led us to buying "Penguin in Love" by Salina Yoon (affiliate link). Not only is it an adorable story with penguins, it's about knitting penguins! Also, the timing for this book is perfect as it continues with the "Mitten" theme and will give you a chance to visit some of those activities you might have missed during The Mitten series or to finish up knitting your mittens.

In this story, Penguin finds a lost mitten and goes in search of it's owner. He of course wants to find who knitted this lovely mitten and to find its match. Elsewhere, Bootsy the penguin knits cozies because "Knitting warmed her lonely heart." Both of the penguins knit for their animal friends who are cold and need bill cozies, or sweaters to keep them warm and dry. Their animal friends decide to do something nice for them in return, helping these two penguins find their own perfect matches. When the penguins discover their yarn is missing, they are taken on an adventure that has a happy ending.

This little book has so much fun packed into its pages--hand knits for all, yarn bombing, and a whale of a sweater. It comes in board book form, making it perfect for little hands. The text is simple and easy to follow, but not rhyming. It is perfect for you littles who like penguins and arctic animals. It is also a wonderful chance to have a sweet knitting story on the book shelves.

I don't know about yours, but my little ones absolutely love it when I when I have a little surprise that goes along with our story, and this one has lots of options. You could definitely stick with the mitten theme and finish whipping up that pair of mittens (and if for some reason one goes missing, you can always repurpose the remaining mitten as a bill cozy for you puffins during winter play). If your little one likes friends of the stuffed variety, there are several penguin patterns to choose from. One of my favorites is "Egg to Penguin" in Susan B. Anderson's Topsy-Turvey-Inside Out Knit Toys. This one is so much fun and a huge hit at my house, because the little penguin can either be an egg, or it hatches as a sweet little penguin friend. This one knits up quickly and provides hours of fun.

If you are really up for a knitting adventure, my little penguin fan inspired my pattern, "Happy Penguin Sweater." I received many penguin pictures of the time this design was developed and had to work the face several times before it met my little critics' approval. Skacel's HiKoo is a wonderful yarn for littles. The colors were spot-on, it met an "it isn't itchy" thumbs up right off the bat and it has been easy to wash. This pattern will cover all your little penguins, from Newborn to size 10, so no penguin is left out!