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Favorite Knit Gifts for Babies

Andrea Sanchez

Little #2 just received their first gift (and first knitted gift, for that matter) last week! I will definitely be sharing that with you soon, but for now, it got me thinking about the gifts that I've knit for others' littles.

I personally have very few criteria when knitting a baby gift.

  • Must be cute.
  • Must use a yarn that meets the needs of the recipient (adult recipient. Babies don't care too much I'd think). 

The oldest favorite knit gift would have to be the Baby Chalice Blanket by Karen S. Lauger. This is a free pattern on Ravelry. I am not a huge fan of knitting blankets of any size because for some reason they seem to take me longer than a sweater! But this one was totally worth it. After desperately searching for a 3rd skein with only days to go before I had to gift it, a kind Raveller sent me the last of the yarn so I could finish. The parents raved about it (even when I saw them a year later!). It is lacy so you probably need to be careful of little fingers, but it is gorgeous! 

I used Cascade 220 Superwash to make sure this piece was able to stand up to a good washing. So, both criteria met: cute and yarn fit for the parents. 

View my original blog post for the Baby Chalice Blanket here

The next old favorite gift would be the Pebble Vest by Nikol Lohr, another free pattern on Ravelry. This was knit for my own little D before he was born. It is probably the most economical thing I have ever knit. Like, ever. The buttons were $2, the yarn I bought at a going out of business sale so for what I used, approximately $7. It is a great layering piece and while D didn't wear it long, I'm glad I remembered it right now so I can untuck it and wash it in preparation of Little #2's arrival! So cute? Totally! Yarn practical for the recipient? Well, I hand wash all our knits so in this case, yes. 

You can view my original blog post about the Pebble Vest here

The next gift is the Basic Baby Cardigan by Alana Dakos, also free. I enjoy seaming and finishing work so this was a perfect knit for me. You can also tell my the photo that I snapped this hastily as I was meeting my friend to catch up and chat. I was in California for a long weekend and had just bought buttons that day for this sweater and had sewn them on in the car. I'm certain I am not the first to do that, am I right? I used leftover Anzula For Better or Worsted, so that made the knitting of this super enjoyable. Is this piece cute? You bet! Is the yarn practical? Probably not. Although it did use about a skein and a half (so maybe over budget for some people's idea of a baby gift) it was for a friend I've known since I was 14. It had to be special! And technically I was stash busting so that makes it ok.

You can view my original blog post  about the Basic Baby Cardigan here. 

The final knit gift is the Cradle Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. It is available for purchase on Ravlery. I knit this cutie for a knitting friend's baby shower. I wanted something easy and simple, but that would still look adorable and this totally fit the bill. I used the yarn called for (Quince and Co. Chickadee) in the very pretty Frost color. This is not a super wash yarn but as I said, the friend was a knitter so I knew she would be willing to take care of it as needed. 

You can view my original Cradle Cardigan blog post here

I know a lot of people tend to be concerned with hand wash vs. machine wash when gift knitting and they wonder if new mothers will be willing to hand wash a piece considering all they already have going on. Personally, I am. But I already hand wash all our sweaters (superwash or not) so I can toss it in the hand wash laundry basket and it will get taken care of. I don't stress to much about that. But I definitely think if you are considering knitting for a wee one, consider the family and if they are up for it. And if you think they are, it doesn't' hurt to include a little bottle of Eucalan or other favorite wool wash with the gift. 

What are your favorite baby gift knits! Please share in the comments below.