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Akron, OH




Fall Knitting

Andrea Sanchez

I haven't yet committed to any new projects for Little #2. I'm in the midst of a Goldilocks complex, nothing is just right. Everything is too frilly, too plain. But now that the weather is turning in earnest, I have decided to go with an old faithful: socks. 

I purchased this half skein of sock yarn from Lolo Did It, an indie dyer selling on Etsy. I started following her Instagram feed a few weeks ago and the speckled yarn gets me every time. She had a sale on her half skeins so I figured what better way to try out her yarn than with a couple pairs of little socks. I should have no problem getting a pair of toddler and baby socks out of this one skein (colorway called Abracadabra). And even though I have about a gazillion other projects I ought to be working on (more like 3 - feels like a gazillion) I am just wanting to make something for my kid(s).

I've only cast on the toe of one sock, so not much to report yet. I can tell you it's about that time of year when I can no longer get decent photos after work because it's already dusky when I'm home. It was grey and misty today with a steady cool breeze. What kind of fall knitting do you have planned?

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