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Little #2

Andrea Sanchez

So I have a little news to share today. While I thought I would spend the summer with needles blazing and yarn flying, I ended up spending much of it thoroughly exhausted. That is because I've been busy growing Little #2 to add to our family in February.

Why yes, I did take this in the staff bathroom at school. 

Why yes, I did take this in the staff bathroom at school. 

We were hoping and planning for another one soon, and I knew that just like with D, I would loose all knitting mojo once I did get pregnant. But as it happens, these things can't be timed so while I had wanted to devote my summer to my design work, I instead spent what little energy I had with Little #1. D is very excited for Baby Shushi (I have no idea why he calls it that) and goes between wanting a brother or a sister each day. 

I've picked up this little book for D this week and am trying to impress upon him how important he will be once the baby comes. How mommy will need her big boy helper and all the fun things he will get to do with the baby. I'm still on the lookout for a couple more books so if you know of any good ones, please share!

I haven't started knitting for this baby yet. I do have a couple of amazing skeins in my stash that are destined to be a baby knit like this Merino Sport from Sunshine Yarns in Barley. I would love to make a Super Easy Baby Blanket from The Purl Bee using one of Dani's gradient sets in Merino Worsted. I've also thought about another sock yarn blanket like I made D, but I think I'd be better off starting with something a bit faster. I also have had some designs ideas brewing for some baby pieces that might actually come to fruition. 

For now we find out the gender next week and then I'll feel like I can start to plan a little more fully.

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