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August Book Club: Back to School

Andrea Sanchez

That's right, I'm finally ready to admit it. It's August and that means back to school. Part of me is terribly excited to have D beginning preschool. Because I work full time during the school year he has had to attend childcare full-time since he was 1. The last two years he went to a babysitter and we had nothing but problems the last 6 months. He is a super active kid that a.) needs supervision because - duh - he's a toddler, and b.) needs someone who will keep him engaged and doing. So when we got the opportunity to enroll him in the local university child development center I was thrilled. My husband works on campus (read: call daddy if there's a problem. Let him take a turn.) and I had also spent time in there during my teacher training program so I know it is a quality program.

In preparation for back to school, we've started talking up preschool and how fun it is (and how excited they will be if you poop in the toilet, but that's another story) and how much you'll learn, and so on. You know. As we parents do. This month I will be sharing with you some back to school themed books that you might want to share with your own little one. 

Our first book is The Night Before Preschool  by Natasha Wing. This book is written in rhyme and takes the reader through the evening before and the first day of preschool. 

I like this book because although there is a fair amount of text, the rhyming keeps the younger listener engaged. The boy who is the main character in the story begins to feel anxious the day of preschool and has a difficult time settling in with his new friends. Then, a big problem arises at nap time when he's realized (queue ominous music) he left his favorite bear at home! It all turns out ok though when one of his new friends shares a bunny with him. 

Even though D isn't quite 3 yet, I think he was able to relate to this story. He has his own special elephant and while he can sleep without him, he really (REALLY) doesn't like to. He asked if Elefante can come to preschool with him and we talked about what kinds of experiences he might have when he starts preschool. 

Obviously one story is just a small step in preparing him but it's one he's definitely enjoying. Do you have a kiddo getting ready for preschool? How are you helping them get prepared?

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