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August Book Club: Back to School

Andrea Sanchez

This week's book is one of my all time favorite books to read at the beginning of the school year: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Chester the raccoon is a young animal getting ready to head off to forest school when he starts to get those tummy butterflies that many kiddos get heading off on their first day of school. His mama gives him a very special gift - a kiss in the palm of his hand. For Chester, it serves to remind him each time he presses it to his check that his mama loves him. 

This is just one of those heartwarming stories that make all readers feel warm and fuzzy. When I taught preschool I used to read this before my kiddos headed off to kindergarten. Many of the kids had been in our center since they were very young and the new and unknown was very scary. I would send them off with this story in their minds and little knit hearts in their hands. 

I used the pattern from Hannah Fettig's Closely Knit. These little hearts are quick knits that use up just a very small bit of yarn. Aren't they just adorable?!

While I probably will wait until D is a little older to make him one, I have loved sharing this story with him. He is at an age when he is finally starting to understand and name different feelings and he really tries to relate to this story and make a connection. 

Do you have any special beginning of the year to help calm any nerves? You can read more about my Kissing Hands Hearts here