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Akron, OH




Vacationing - But not really.

Andrea Sanchez

This week we are enjoying the warm weather and vacationing in Narragansett, Rhode Island. We came here last summer for several days and I was so taken with the small town, lovely beaches, and New England charm that this California girl decided we had to come back. Last year we stayed with a friend in his 2 bedroom apartment but this year there was no way I was going to do that again this year (anyone else's 2 year old have toddler rage? I couldn't subject someone to that). This year we've rented a house and so far it's been great.

What kind of torture can I inflict on them today?

What kind of torture can I inflict on them today?

By great I mean that at least D sleeps in his own bed. He's all of a sudden taken to waking up at 6am or earlier and not going to bed until after 930p. So that's fun. 

By great I also mean that whenever he's hungry he wants all the things to eat we don't have. Which ends in him hardly eating then being hungry again in an hour. 

By great I also mean that lack of sleep has made him crabby and temperamental. 

By great I mean that my water loving baby who could be sprayed with a hose and stay in the bath for hours has all of a sudden become scared of the water. 

And by great I mean all our potty training over the last two months has turned into someone pooping in their pants almost once every day (and sometimes twice).

So yea, great. 

I keep reminding myself it will get easier as he gets older, right? Right?! For now we will just continue with family nap time this week. 

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