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Good Reads and WIPs

Andrea Sanchez

It's no secret that I love books. Before I began focusing my career on teaching young children, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in English, all because I just loved reading. But in the last few years since the little showed up, my reading time has been zapped. Lately I've been trying to squeeze in a little more quiet time in the evening for reading. Beside the fact that I just plain miss it, I want my child to grow up seeing his parents value the written word.

This week's good reads and WIPs 

For the mama - Reads//I've finally cracked into East of Edena book I've had on my shelf for ages. I'm not too far in, but it's proving worthwhile. WIPs//I'm working a new design using the Anzula yarn I shared with you a few weeks ago. I'm loving the linen/silk blend and it's surprisingly easy on my hands.

For the little - Reads//D started tee ball recently so A Baseball Story has been getting a lot of mileage the last couple weeks. The story is fairly simple, probably best for the toddler-kindergarten aged kiddo. It goes over some basic baseball themes (uniform, equipment, how to play) and reminds the kids that the always need to be ready! WIPs//(Queue the ominous music!) We've started using scissors (or snippers as D calls them). Obviously he is currently ONLY allowed to use them when I'm sitting with him (or another adult) and then they are put away. I kept thinking that I don't want my kiddo to be the kid that doesn't know how to use scissors the first day of kindergarten (that's a real thing people) so might as well start him early. We've already covered how to walk with them safely, and how to avoid our fingers when cutting. I generally cut paper into strips and then let him snip those. it's easier for him to work with and doesn't require me holding the paper still. 

What are you reading and working on this week?