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Edmund Unravels Book Club Week 3

Andrea Sanchez

Today we are working on the third activity for the Edmund Unravels book club. You can purchase a copy of the book here. As with last week we are continuing our work on shapes and colors. This week we will work on a variety of math skills while lacing shape beads!


As with the other activity we spent some time reading Edmund Unravels (see the book review here). Rereading a text with your little is important! You know that point when you've read a book so many times you can recite it without looking, still turning the pages at the right point, and you want to beat yourself over the head with it? Fear not! Your child is deepening their vocabulary, making more connections, and early readers are benefiting from hearing a fluent reader. Try not to die of boredom, and still take the time to ask questions, point out objects, and activate prior knowledge. 

Since it was a lovely day we took our shape beads outside in some small containers. It was easy to get D excited about this since he found the huge bag of beads earlier that morning and I had promised after breakfast we would play. I modeled how to put the first bead on (I tied this one to the end so the rest would not fall off) and then let him get to work. 

As with the previous activity I used this time to discuss the shapes without drilling ("What shape will you use next? Yes! I like the red circle.") and to allow for exploration. 

We even dumped out all the shapes and spent a bit of time sorting them into groups. I love that in this bag of shape beads there are only 4 shapes. I also like that they are nice and thick, easy for little fingers to grip.

D has been very enthusiastic about the beads, asking to work with them again after nap and again before bed! For a wildly active 2 year old this has been something that holds his attention for an extended period. 

I would use this activity with kindergarten students as well. When lacing beads, I generally have them use a length of yarn with a small piece of tape on the end. This makes it a bit more of a rigorous fine motor activity for the older children. I would also ask them to perhaps make a pattern. 

I'd love to see what you and your littles come up with this week. Share your child's shape collage with us on Instagram #klbookclub.

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