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Real Life

Andrea Sanchez

One of the things I hear so often is wonderment in how I get so much done. Not only am I a mother, but I teach full-time during the school year, and design knitwear at what turned into a pretty solid part-time job this year.

The truth is I pick and choose what get's done. My house right now is far from clean. I went to TNNA the weekend school was over then promptly left the following Tuesday to spend two weeks with my parents. The house is in shambles! 

I am a spare minute worker. Meaning, I will knit and work on designing all through nap time and as soon as D goes to sleep. I will steal 5 minutes whenever he is occupied independently (he's two so that's as rare as ever). If I'm crunched up against a deadline I call dad in to help and run away from home for a few hours once or twice during the week. 

Real life: Aww so sweet followed by the moment where he licked me. 

Real life: Aww so sweet followed by the moment where he licked me. 

I feel like as mothers we are so often too hard on ourselves (right?!). One moment you're feeling guilty about not feeding your kids enough organic food or letting them use the iPad or not having them potty trained by 2, promptly followed by feelings of guilt for not taking time for yourself or your spouse. Let's cut ourselves some slack. We do our best and no one is perfect. And if it's your best then it's good enough. Real life is about pushing forward in areas you excel and not putting yourself down for the areas where you don't. That's a lesson I hope to teach my own child. 

It's easy to see someone's pictures on a blog or in a magazine and think they must lead a charmed life, but each of our lives have their own charms if we just polish them up a bit and let them shine. 

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