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Adventure Vest Stitch Pattern Tutorial

Andrea Sanchez

Today I have a quick photo tutorial for you on the stitch pattern from the Adventure Vest. This is a relatively straightforward pattern with an easy textured stitch pattern, making it great for adventurous beginner knitters! 

This stitch pattern is worked over an even number of sts so I started by casting on 20. 

When you are working flat, you will need to knit the first and last stitch. This leaves an edge that will be easier to pick up stitches from when you are working the ribbing for the armhole. 


Now start the pattern! Slip the first stitch purlwise,

knit the next stitch,

yarn over by wrapping the yarn from the back to the front. 

Now pass your slipped stitch over the knit stitch and yarn over. Simple as that! 

Continue working this to the last stitch, which you will knit. Work the wrong side by purling all stitches (if flat) or next round by knitting all stitches. 

Like I said, very easy. However, keep in mind that this stitch pattern tends to pull in. That means when you are working your swatch you will want to either use a larger needle size to work the slipped stitch portion or take extra care to work loosely. You want the gauge in Stockinette to be the same as the slipped stitch pattern. 

Have you started knitting and Adventure Vest for your little one? Or are you following along with our book club this month?

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