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Edmund Unravels: Book Club Week 2

Andrea Sanchez

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I mentioned lat week how much I loved the graphic illustrations in Edmund Unravels . This week's super easy activity will focus on studying shapes, colors, and developing fine motor skills. 

Shape Collage

You will need: 

My goals for D with this activity was just to explore with shapes and colors. He knows some shapes and some colors, but that is something I'd like to reinforce a bit more as he gets ready for preschool in the fall. We started by reading Edmund Unravels again. This time I took extra time to point out specific shapes or colors ("Do you see that Edmund is a circle?"). Then we moved on to our shape exploration.

Keep in mind, the key word here is explore. Young children learn best by engaging in their world. This means that while he is enjoying taking the paper off the stickers, sticking the shapes to his paper/hair/furniture/the dogs, I am not drilling him. I do reinforce the vocabulary ("You need help with the purple square? Sure! I can help.") but my goal is that he will enjoy the activity and the learning will come naturally. 

D is still very much into abstract art (no people yet) so I just let him stick his shapes wherever, willy nilly style. With my students (5-6 years) I do a similar activity where I ask them to make a picture using shapes. They trace the shapes using a pattern block template then color in their shapes to finish their illustration. If your little one is older ask them to imagine an adventure Edmund might go on and use the shapes to illustrate that. 

I added the shape stickers to D's craft table and am encouraging him to use them whenever we need to engage in a quieter activity. We will soon be working on an activity where we take photos of shapes all around us so this is the first step in him being able to recognize those. 

I love that these stickers a) are portable (totally packed some for the plane!), b) are big enough to be gripped by small fingers, and c) thoroughly excite my toddler!

I'd love to see what you and your littles come up with this week. Share your child's shape collage with us on Instagram #klbookclub.

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