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Yarn Review: Big Bad Wool Weepaca

Andrea Sanchez

A special item for special children needs special yarn and this yarn is no exception. This month's featured yarn is Weepaca by Big Bad Wool. When I was looking for yarn for the Adventure Vest, I had a vision in my mind of exactly the shade of blue I was looking for. I found that when I found Weepaca.

Developed by Donna Higgins, Weepaca is an amazing blend of 50% washable merino and 50% alpaca. Having the alpaca content in this yarn makes it kitten-soft and a dream to knit with. 

Weight and gauge: When simply considering the yarn based on weight I would have guessed that it would come in closer to an Aran weight. However, I knit my pattern (Adventure Vest) and swatch on a size 6 (4 mm) needle and not only was it not overly tight, but the bloom in the yarn after blocking was perfect. The blocked fabric is light, even, and has excellent drape. 

Washing: Directions suggest hand washing or machine washing on gentle, laying flat to dry. I am a little hesitant to try the machine wash considering the alpaca content (I generally hand wash all sweaters). However, I think if you know your machine can do a very delicate cycle, you might try your swatch in there first. 

Colors: I am also very taken with the color choices available in this yarn line. The colors range from soft neutrals and semi-pastels (perfect for babies of course) to more vibrant and rich tones, giving you quite an option when choosing colors to use the little one you'll be knitting for. I used Blue Eyes for the Adventure Vest and also really like Lilac, Linen, and Teal.

The final consensus? I would definitely recommend knitting with (or rolling in) this yarn! It is a dream to work with, had zero breaks, and wound up easily. I would probably not use this yarn to make an every day item that will receive a lot of wear and tear but think it would be amazing on something that will get frequent, but relatively gentle use. 

Have you used Weepaca yet? Will you be using it to knit your own Adventure Vest? If you do, be sure to share and tag your Instagram photos #knittinlittle.