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Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Snader

Andrea Sanchez

Today's guest blogger is Mackenzie Snader, designer of Mountaintop Pullover

Can you believe I started thinking about this design, oh, I don't know, 18 months ago? In toddler world, that is literally a lifetime. 

It started with a sketch, of course, and a mental picture of mountains with a snowcap. Even if your kids are too young to have seen the mountains, they can wear them. Mountains that are superwash and cozy! Oh, and easy to knit, did I say that?

I'm a huge fan of stranded colorwork, but I know it looks intimidating to many people. So I chose to put a band of colorwork around the waist, where you won't have to fuss with increases and decreases at the same time you're juggling two yarns. 

Each repeat of the colorwork motif adds 1" to the length of the sweater so it's super easy to calculate if you want to make the colorwork part longer or shorter. 

I also tried hard to create a design that's geometric and gender neutral. With a quick color-palette swap, I'd be happy to have my son wear it, and I have to say it looks super adorable modeled on a girl for Knittin' Little. 

And last but not least, the Mountaintop Pullover is a top-down raglan, my favorite construction for kid's knitwear. 

I can't wait to see what your knitting needles knock out, with my pattern and with the entire Winter 2015 collection!

Thank you Mackenzie! Isn't it amazing how we can hang onto an idea and work on it for so long before it actually becomes a "thing"? I can't wait to see what color combinations other knitters come up with! You can find more information on Mountaintop Pullover here.

You can find Mackenzie on Ravelry, her blog, or on Instagram.

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