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FREE Sock Knitting Pattern Round Up

Andrea Sanchez

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I cracked into that beautiful skein of Lolo Did It in the Abracadabra colorway last week and started knitting some socks. Since I'm in the sock knitting way, today I'll be sharing with you 3 free sock patterns to make your own littles (or yourself!) some socks as well. This small round up is amazing because each of these three are thorough and cover so many aspects of sock knitting (all in FREE patterns). Each one approaches sock construction differently, so there's plenty of variety to choose from and many new techniques to learn.

TUBE SOCKS for Kids by Jane Richmond (website, Ravelry)

This pattern has so many positive aspects, it's hard to know where to begin. For starters, it comes in a huge array of children's sizes; from 2.25" in circumference to 6.5". Many free patterns you come across are only available in one size. Not this! It really covers all the sizes for any little in your house. 

I love that Jane also takes into account the smart knitter. By this I mean, I have seen a lot of free patterns with very basic skills use (i.e, Cast on. Do an increase. etc). More like a recipe, less like a pattern. Which is fine since hey! It is free. Here though, she has a tutorial for a Turkish Cast On (with instructions and illustrations and a link to her video tutorial) and utilizes other thoughtful elements such as left and right leaning increases and the Sewn Bind Off. Finally, it's a toe up pattern meaning you can knit these to be as long as  you like. Your kiddo can try them on, see if they are long enough and you can keep on knitting! 

Download your free pattern TUBE SOCKS for Kids pattern here.

TOE UP SOCKS TUTORIAL by Lauren Riker (website, Ravelry)

This video tutorial teaches you all the skills you'll need to make your own toe up socks with a short row heel. As a teacher, I truly believe that people learn in different ways and I know for some, seeing it done in person is much more effective. I would have never learned to knit without YouTube! Lauren walks the knitter through the seamless toe cast on (Judy's Magic Cast On), toe increases, and working a short row heel. When I first began learning to knit toe-up socks I was constantly hopping around from place to place on the internet looking for these directions. Lauren has them all in one place for you. This 20 minute video is like a free mini class! 

Watch the video tutorial here.

RYE by Tin Can Knits (website, Ravelry)

This awesome pattern is one step up from plain stockinette. Tin Can Knits throws in some garter stitch adding great texture and detail to an otherwise plain sock. Even better? This pattern is done in worsted weight yarn! Do you know how fast those will knit up? Fast! 

Tin Can Knits has provided everything you could possibly need in their pattern to make these socks. There are many illustrations explaining top-down sock construction (this means you are beginning at the cuff, working towards the toe) as well as illustrated, step-by-step directions for Kitchener stitch. Everything is there, short of a photo tutorial on making the sock, but you can find that here on their website! I love that they cover so much in the downloaded pattern, even explaining the difference between using double points or magic loop for your socks. This really is an extremely thorough pattern and it's FREE. Definitely a steal. And, don't let me forget to mention that this comes sized from Baby to Adult Large. Go ahead and make a pair for everyone in the house!

Download your free Rye pattern here.

Now off you go to knit socks of your own! Which of these amazing patterns will you be using?

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