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Finished Knittin': Toddler Socks

Andrea Sanchez

Talk about instant gratification project! I cast on sock #2 of the little socks I was working on for D on a little day trip Saturday and cast off that night after we were all in bed! 

I'm really happy with how these socks have turned out. D wore them Sunday and so far it seems like they are a much better fit than any of the other socks I have knit him. What I did in the past (for these and these) was to kind of guesstimate what was going on. For the green socks, I did a top down version, guessing at how many to cast on. I used a standard short row heel that turned out too narrow and never really fit. For the two tone socks, I started toe up, then again with the short row heel, and some Stockinette stitch cuff and a little bit of ribbing. 

Where I think I kept going wrong was the short row heel (and probably the whole guesstimate thing in the first situation. Guessing in knitting doesn't generally turn out well). I mentioned before that D has pretty thick feet and what I think is a wide heel. This in turn was causing the short row heel to not fit properly on his foot. All the socks I made for him were slouchy and constantly coming off. 

This time I started toe up again but instead of doing a short row heel, I opted for a heel flap and gusset combo. That seems to fit much more snugly and will hopefully keep the socks on better. So far so good!

I love the colorway I chose from Lolo Did It. This is Abracadabra and I purchased and used a half skein for these. I definitely have enough left for another pair of little socks. I love the feel of the yarn. It's soft but feels sturdy enough to last a while. I may be dipping back into her Etsy shop soon to pick up more. Her colors are really fun and vibrant. Perfect for kiddos. 

I'm thinking of putting together a tutorial on how I did these and how to get a custom fit for your little's feet. Let me know if you're interested!

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